Happy New Year!

I went for a simple run on New Year’s Eve at around 11am today…and I wanted to fill you in on the rather interesting things I got to see.  It’s the kind of run that reminded me of how lucky I am to live in New York City.  It also reminded me just how whacky people can be!

I geared up and took off into Central Park, entering at 72nd Street and Central Park West – right near the Dakota Hotel and Strawberry Fields.  Go figure: blasting through my earphones was “I Am The Walrus”.

I waddled along the west side drive, and exited at Columbus Circle….

…hung a left at the statue….

…and headed down Broadway toward Times Square.  As I waited for a light to change at 57th Street, I came across a family of tourists encircling a rather large guidebook to New York City. They appeared to be confused – unsure as to where they were currently standing in comparison to where they wanted to be.  So in a moment of actual kindness (I get approximately 5 of these moments a year), I asked the gentleman holding the guidebook if I could be of assistance.  The following was the brief yet funny conversation:

“We are looking for Times Square.”

“No problem, Sir.  Just keep walking down this avenue – Broadway – until you hit the incredible mass of humanity packed shoulder to shoulder, surrounded by tons of billboards and flashing lights.”

“Oh.  We just came from there.  Was that not Occupy Wall Street?”

My gut instinct told me to tease this man mercilessly in front of the fruit of his loins – but in a very un-Joseph like moment of clear perspective I refrained and instead replied…”No Sir.  That’s Times Square.  NOT Occupy Wall Street.”

“……OOOOOH.  Thank you.  But where do all of those people go when they need the bathroom?”

“Sir….that is the $1 million dollar question.  It’s also the reason I will NEVER….EVER….spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square.”

He stood there with a blank stare on his face for a very long moment, before responding with a loud “EEEEEEEEEEWWW!”

“Exactly.  Happy New Year!”   And with that, I resumed my morning run.  As I approached 46th Street, the northernmost checkpoint for the gigantic New Year’s Eve extravaganza, I could not get over the sheer amount of humanity standing shoulder to shoulder 13 hours prior to the Ball dropping.

After snapping a cool picture of the Square 13 hours before 2012 commenced, I headed west to the West Side Highway…where I found a wonderful little apartment designed exactly to my specifications:

Ah yes.  My tastes are unique.


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