Bottom 5 Things About the Chicago Marathon

OK – in keeping with my Chicago Marathon theme, here are the 5 things that I wasn’t so thrilled about during this year’s trip to the Windy Ciry for the Big Race….

5. Lime green was one of the major colors of official marathon gear. Seriously. Now I wear lime green when I run for the NYRR Team For Kids. And I love it. I can pull off lime green on a Sunday morning in the Big Apple…but even I have a hard time rockin’ the lime green during brunch at a lavish SoJo Asian fusion restaurant….

4. Quiet points along the course. No race is perfect. Every race has its quiet spots. However, the quiet spot for this race just so happened to be at miles 23-24. I was running on vapors and feeling like a bug on a windshield, and I needed a lift (because I wasn’t getting one from inside myself). Miles 23 and 24 felt like a death march.

3. 2 waves. The second wave contained anyone that planned to run times of 3:40 or greater. Seriously? 3:40 marathoners / 3:50 marathoners didn’t make the first wave cutoff? Now THAT is a shock.

2. O’Hare Airport. Cancel a 2pm flight. Then bounce people around the 3,4, and 5:30 flights back to NYC. Then delay all flights for 2 hours basically because the weather is really nice. Seriously. Wish I was kidding. Should have taken Amfreakin’Trak round trip – it would have been quicker.

1. O’Hare. It pissed me off so darn much they earn the top 2 spots on my list. Doorknobs. Lol.


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