A Rough Quarter to Report

Well I know I’ve been quiet on my blog for a bit.  You’re probably wondering why.  Am I right?  You’re probably sitting there reading this, saying to yourself “where the heck has this roody-poo candy ass been?”  (Well maybe you weren’t thinking those EXACT words…but something along those lines).  Well my Mom taught me that when you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, say nothing at all.  And – truth be told – I didn’t have very much nice to say about my efforts during the first quarter.  So I simply shut up and pouted in the corner like some spoiled little kid who just had his ball taken away from him by a bunch of schoolyard bullies.

If I were the CEO of Abronxturtle, Inc., I would have to announce my company’s first quarter “results” while wearing a kevlar vest.  So let’s pull the band-aid off quickly – let’s not drag this out:

Goal Number 1: Log at least 2.013 miles in 2013.

After returning from Orlando in January upon completing the unofficial “Dopey” race (The WDW Family 5k on Friday, followed by the 2013 Goofy Challenge over the weekend – 42.4 miles in total), my training became unfocused and unmotivated.  I had no game plan.  Between the cold temperatures, distractions at work and no real big challenges immediately breathing down my throat, I did not feel the day-to-day pressure to train. 

In order to stick to my schedule and keep my mileage manageable throughout the year and finish with more than 2.013 miles logged, I needed to log 174.1 miles in January.  In actuality, I only logged 73.8.  In February, I needed to log 157.3 miles.  My actual total: 56.44.  In March, I needed to compile 174.1 miles.  My total for the month: 88.1 miles.  As of March 31st, I am 287 miles behind my necessary pace to hit my goal. 

I’m going to need to step up the consistency and mileage every single day to right the ship.  I’ll also need some marathons added to my running calendar, because apparently I’m like a puppy: I’ll sit, roll over and play dead as long as there’s a treat in my immediate future.  I need my goals to be big, in my face and constantly bearing down on me to bring out the best in myself. 

Goal Number 2: Drop to 185 pounds by the end of the year

Some decent news on this goal: I’ve dropped some weight.  Is it enough to even mention on this blog yet?  Absolutely not.  But I can say that I am close to disclosing just how much I’ve lost thus far.  I’ve made some progress due to something I ordered on the internet called Body Media.  It’s the armband that the contestants on The Biggest Loser use to track calories burned throughout the day.  Using this armband forces me to actually log each item of food I take in, since it uses the simple formula of calories burned minus calories consumed equals weight lost or gained.  Since I need to log each item I consume, I have stopped eating some the wonderful crap that I normally ingest joyfully on a daily basis.  As a result, I have become increasingly cranky and prone to retaliatory outbursts from instances of stupidity on New Jersey Transit each morning.  I’ll hopefully have a decent update for you later this week.

Goal number 3: Run the 2013 Fifth Avenue Mile in Less Than 7 Minutes

Some decent progress on this front to report:  while I haven’t  been running nearly enough lately, the workouts that I have performed have been at a much higher intensity level.  I’ve actually shocked myself with the pace that I’ve been able to maintain recently.  While I am not flying around the Park at the speed of sound, I feel quicker.  This took me by surprise…and I am not expecting it to last.  Time will tell….

The remainder of my goals sit a bit further out on the calendar, and thereby do not garner much attention at the time:

Goal number 4: run a marathon in less than 4 hours.

Goal number 5: complete my first ultra.

Goal number 6: complete my first triathlon.

All I can say – or promise, that is – is that the effort will be turned up on all fronts during the second quarter.  Any goal worth attaining should be a challenge.  Thus far, this year’s goals have proven to be much more of a challenge then 2012’s.  The battle is joined.


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