June 29th – What Have We Learned?

So what did I learn today?

1) If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, using an invention called the Strassberg Sock actually does work. However, it really is a fashion risk when worn to a multiplex.

2) sometimes it’s fun embarrassing your daughter by busting out your dance moves while waiting in line for popcorn. The embarrassment is, of course, enhanced by the fact that the only music playing at the time was in my head…..and it was Eminem. But being able to do The Robot is a rare talent indeed…

3) Listen to what your body is telling you. If your injury starts barking at you in the middle of a workout, that’s your cue to take your foot off the accelerator and hit the brakes for the day.

4) there is nothing medium about a medium sized drink at a movie theater.




Author: backofthepacker

A slow running, wine slurping, Disney-loving, bourbon swilling triathlete that is simply looking to go from ordinary to extraordinary...and hopefully motivate others along the way.

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