July 2nd – WHWL (What Have We Learned?)

So what did I learn today? This one is going to be short and sweet.

Today I learned that just because an injury begins to feel a bit better, it doesn’t mean that you can crank out 6-7 miles without much of a problem. If you injure yourself, you need to allow yourself to heal. Be patient. Give yourself time. If you do what I did today (just try to crank out mileage after thinking I’ve cured my plantar fasciitis in 4 days), you’ll wind up making the injury more severe and taking more time off from running than you would have needed to originally.

Note to self: I am a schmuck. I knew I wasn’t ready to start going at it again. But I was impatient. The Tool prodded me constantly – “come on, pansy – get out there. It ain’t bad. What? You can’t take a little pain?” I caved in and made yet another rookie mistake.

So I say to anyone reading this: be better than me. Be smart. Be patient and listen to your doc / coach / whomever else gives you sound advice. And if The Tool begins to taunt you a bit, telling you that you sound get back out there before you’re ready, tell him to shut up and get lost.


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