July 7th – WHWL (What Have We Learned?)

Today I learned the value that comes with practicing the little things. In this instance, I am referring to putting all of my training together and running through how it will feel to go from swimming to biking to running all in one continuous event.

I started my Sunday morning with a 30 minute swim in the pool. Then I hauled to my locker, got changed and headed tot the basement of my building to grab Maximus and bike for 15 miles (3 loops of the park). I then rode home, dropped the bike back in the basement, and headed upstairs to quickly change into running gear. I completed the 10k triathlon course and then waddled home to survey the damage.

My legs felt like cinder blocks. I was definitely dehydrated. Really hungry. And the sun royally kicked my butt. However, the transition from swimming to running was quick and painless (yes, I know, getting out of a full body swimsuit will be much different – but work with me here), and the transition from biking to running sucked…but it was no surprise.

In short, today was the day I first began to feel like I am ready for July 14th. Sure I’ll figure out some dumb way to screw up during the actual race – but I practiced all of the steps, and I’ve left nothing earth-shattering out. I am ready.


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