July 18th – What Have We Learned?

Today I learned that it is NOT easy to forget a poor effort and just pick up where you left off with your training.

There’s no great cure for the post-FUBARace blues. There’s nothing you can easily do to erase mistakes you made during a race, or a finishing time that you were sorely disappointed with.

Here’s where I turn to my main Doctor Dude, Dr. Bob Rotella and his book “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect”. In it he describes the “shooter’s mentality”. To summarize: if you take a shot in golf, hockey, or basketball, and you miss, you have to put that miss away and forget it. Focus on the next shot. There’s nothing you can do to change what just happened. Just learn from it, accept it, and move on. Don’t let the miss air in your head, because then one miss becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, etc.

There’s nothing I can do to change the results from the triathlon. I learned a lot. Now all I have to do is gain focus on my next big race: The Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October. I have other smaller races coming up between now and then – but I need something that’s right in front of my face that I find a little scary. And Ironman or not: 26.2 is a long way to haul my lazy rear-end. So Chicago is just the carrot I need to hone in on.


THE 2013 ING NEW YORK CITY MARATHON. It’s the U.N. Meeting of Marathoners. 140 countries + represented. It will be HUGE.


Going Dopey in January. 48+ miles in 4 days.


May. Texas. 140.6.

…..well – I’m cured. I cannot even remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what I did last Sunday.


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