July 20th – What Have We Learned?

Today I learned the following:

1) Central Park raccoons are bigger than some of the brown bears up in Monticello.

2) One of the horses ridden my a Central Park officer is basically the size of a Clydesdale, and his name is Maximus. Coolest….horse name….EVER.

3) Given enough hazy, hot and humid days in a row here in Manhattan, the lake in Central Park can begin to almost glow green with all of the algae that builds up. Almost makes the Hudson look like Grand Cayman.

4) Hills still do suuuuuucketh very much.

5) A tourist asked me whether she could walk to JFK from here (here being the middle of Central freakin’ Park). That’s my cue: “….well ma’am, anywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” (Thank you Steven Wright. You are my Gandolf the Gray).


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