July 21st – What Have We Learned?

Today I was reminded of how cool people can be.

During a run in the park, I came across a dude that was very slowly making his way around the lower loop. He was a bit hunched over, so from the back he looked as if he was having a hard time or he even might have been sick. I pulled alongside him and asked if he was ok.

“…oh yeah. Just finding my way.”

Maybe it was the coolness of his response, or the fact that he was probably around 80 years old. But something made me slow up and hang with him for a few.

“Same here. Just making my way. You out here a lot?”

Without even looking at me he began to answer my questions…

“Yup. Every damn day. Every day I run these hills and very damn day I swear they get bigger.”

I told him that I knew how he felt. I hate hills. Always have.

“Yup. I’ve hated the damn things for 40 years now. Hated them when I started. I’ll still hate them years from now….”

…and then he finally turned his head to look at me….

“…but all these hills make my butt look great.”

We both laughed. Hard. So hard we both stopped. I shook his hand without even getting his name.

Then I had a scary thought. Did I just meet myself from 40 years in the future??!!!??? I immediately began looking along Central Park West for a damned Delorean.


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