Getting ready for 21km

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My 15km road race earlier this week has given me a bit a reality check on what needs to happen over the next month so I’m prepared for the longer distance, physically and mentally.

Physically, I think I’ll be ok. I need to make sure I fit in more long training runs between now and the Jozi South Half Marathon and be a little stricter with eating healthily. I’m not too concerned about setting any kind of time because I have no reference to how long this is going to take and also, I really just want to finish rather than be worried about setting a certain pace. I’m guessing though that it’s going to take me approximately 2:30hrs, generally I run at about 7 minuter per km.

I’m going to aim for two runs of about 5-8km per week and one longer run of 12-15km, plus my two usual…

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Author: backofthepacker

A slow running, wine slurping, Disney-loving, bourbon swilling triathlete that is simply looking to go from ordinary to extraordinary...and hopefully motivate others along the way.

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