Run and learn


This seems to be my motto of late.  I took a 6 week running class that I really enjoyed, probably because I didn’t have to think much of anything. Times were set, the coach came up with the routes, and I didn’t have to decide on mileage. Now that class is over, I find that I keep making little discoveries about running – usually after the fact  – that I hope will help me become a better smarter runner.  When I first moved to Texas, I shied away from running around my neighborhood and stuck with the treadmill.  Now, I kinda don’t even want to look at the treadmill and have been running outside, exclusively. I’m exploring new routes and figuring out the best times to run.  

Here’s some examples of my run and learn experiences: 

Running in 84 degrees at night is not the same as running in…

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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Workout

Let's Reach Success

If you’ve decided to improve yourself by shaping your body and getting fit, you will eventually start going to the gym. Every workout will be either hard, easy, pleasant, exhausting or else, depending on your attitude toward it.

Many things can disturb you while you work out. Someone can talk you out of going to the gym, you may feel depressed beforehand and let your mood affect your performance there. As in every other aspect of life, positive attitude is most beneficial. Here are some little things to do and consider in order to make the best of your gym session and feel great.

1. Be enthusiastic!

Be one of those people who just love going to the gym. Fill up with energy and think that this may be your best workout. Take your enthusiasm there and keep it through every exercise.

Feel passionate about it before you go…

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Born To Endure


“By endurance we conquer.” -Ernest Shackleton

Growing up I always heard stories about races and events my relatives were part of. My Dad was a football player in high school but after that he got a little into running and found himself taking part in the social running club, Atlanta Hash House Harriers. Their slogan is “drinkers with a running problem.” (Might explain my love for micro brews and running.) The start of their runs are somewhat secret and you have to follow a path of flour, taking you through the thick of the woods. Most stories where about running through mud and briar bushes for a few hours, then getting hammered all day. Some stories involved pounding beers during the run, beer miles and pub runs. I thought that was crazy and badass at the same time. Seems a little weird telling a little kid these stories, but that’s…

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R.I.C.E. for Runners

Live, Run, Grow

I’m heading out for my last long training run today before the Marine Corp Marathon in 3 weeks, so I thought I’d share with you how I recover after long runs and races – enjoy!

You’ve probably heard the acronym R.I.C.E. – Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. – for treatment of injuries.

Well, even though I don’t think a 20 mile training run or a marathon is formally classified as an injury you sure are giving your body one heck of a beating, so not surprisingly a lot of the R.I.C.E. steps are great for recovery!

R is for ROLL.

Yes, when it comes to running R is for ROLL, not REST!

While your body does need rest to recover from a long run, I wouldn’t suggest planting yourself on the couch for the rest of the day after your long run, for now keep moving!

And give your muscles a…

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Final week before the Melbourne Marathon.


Monday taper run. Actually I am not that sure about this taper thing. Regardless took my new Marathon Haircut out for a burn today. Only 3 Km. In the first Km I felt a million dollars but the last two seemed to take a while.


Can I run this Marathon? I just want to do it. Dont want to stop. I have to keep telling myself…” Don’t quit”. ” Dont give up” ” Don’t quit.”


Dont quit.Image

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Read with ME: I got nothing

Musings of The Edmonton Tourist

I didn’t finish any books this week aside from further reading in Managing Projects in Organizations by J.D. Frame…you guessed it, one of my University reading. I also started Running on Empty by a runner dude who’s name escapes me currently. But in keeping with the book theme, Canada Writes posed an interested question:

What does your bookshelf say about your personality?


What can we tell about you just by looking at how you arrange your books? Here are some personality types we have discovered by peering into our friends’ and families’ bookshelves. Hover over the question mark in each photo to see if any of them are you.

okvgjaWell this is what my book shelf looks like – sort of – It isn’t really my shelf, it is a WordPress version of my shelf, one of many. My ibooks library has tidied up my life because apparently, I…

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