How to run a marathon in any weather

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Fall marathon season is upon us, with major races in Chicago, Amsterdam, Beijing, and New York just around the corner. Here’s how to be prepared so the season’s notoriously erratic weather won’t spoil race day.

When it’s freezing – Running expert Jeff Gaudette at advises “ratty sweatshirts” and old gloves, a hat, and a pair of sweatpants you won’t mind ditching once you’ve started running a few kilometers to warm up. Most marathons also donate discarded running clothing to charities.

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Interval Running Up The Anderson Hill (The Tan)

Awesome Åshild

I wanted to go for a run today and as I was driving towards Albert Park for a casual 5km (ok, ok it is only 4.8km), my head came up with the brilliant idea of going to The Anderson Hill to do hill intervals instead. And I was like;

borat thumbs upI told my legs about this great idea and they were considering it for like a nano second before they were like;

gladiator-thumbsdownThankfully my head has great negotiation skills and told my legs to stop the whining and to remember that


so off I went up the Anderson Hill. It’s a pretty big hill for central Melbourne standards (some of my Norwegian friends would probably giggle when they saw it) and it has a bit of a kick to it. Especially when you do it again and again and again. And I did. About ten times. It might have been eleven…

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