Interval Running Up The Anderson Hill (The Tan)

Awesome Åshild

I wanted to go for a run today and as I was driving towards Albert Park for a casual 5km (ok, ok it is only 4.8km), my head came up with the brilliant idea of going to The Anderson Hill to do hill intervals instead. And I was like;

borat thumbs upI told my legs about this great idea and they were considering it for like a nano second before they were like;

gladiator-thumbsdownThankfully my head has great negotiation skills and told my legs to stop the whining and to remember that


so off I went up the Anderson Hill. It’s a pretty big hill for central Melbourne standards (some of my Norwegian friends would probably giggle when they saw it) and it has a bit of a kick to it. Especially when you do it again and again and again. And I did. About ten times. It might have been eleven…

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