Recovery Week

The Slow Runner

After Sunday’s disappointing 10K, I’m grateful that I’ve got another one on the horizon.  I’m old hat at learning from disappointment, and one of the best things to do once you deal with the initial feelings is to get on to the next thing.  Nicola is helping me to stay fit and whole until the Bonfire Burn in four weeks, and this week is for recovery.

First up: Monday evening Bootcamp.  Surprisingly, my legs aren’t feeling too achy, though after a slightly hectic day, I did very nearly give it a miss.  Ever an obedient student, I tend to do as I’m told, and I have no issue with pushing myself — one of the reasons I enjoy group exercise.  You can trust me not to phone it in unless I’m feeling properly horrible.  So the idea of holding back during a Bootcamp workout to keep from overtaxing…

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US Road Running Ambassador

My friend – and ambassador of awesomeness – Brian.

Running Down a Dream 23's Blog

Today I was asked to be the US Road Running Ambassador for the state of Indiana. I am honored to be selected to represent the group for Indiana and to help spread the word on becoming more active and fit! The organization has three programs including Running, Swimming and Cycling.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 8.29.30 AM

US Road Running is a USA Track & Field member whose goal is to promote good health by encouraging others to get out and run, bike, swim or a combination of all three! You can follow the organization on Facebook and even get free race registrations for local races that Ambassadors like myself attain through our promotional activities. We’ll post these registration give-aways on the Facebook page so make sure you “Like” the page!

Interested in becoming an Ambassador for your state? Check out the website linked above to find the application for the Ambassador Program. Need to get…

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How did I get here? And other surreal moments

Musings of The Edmonton Tourist

logofrontToday is my first post for my new team Do Away with SMA (DAWS). you can read some of it below and then link up to the rest of the post on the DAWS main page. I invite you to enter the draw for a DAWS prize pack, there are lots of great things including a Team DAWS running Tech Jersey, Sweaty Bands and other great prizes! Just click on the Rafflecopter photo under the post.

I am not an Ultra-runner or an elite athlete, I am not a lean running machine or a fitness junkie, I can barely get my training in for to many races that I sign up for. So how did I become a part of this amazing project for DAWS? Good question, I ask myself that question all the time.

When I first met Joe, I was just another geek who whose interests in fandom…

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‘Ultra’ athlete to run 64 miles before taking on Yorkshire Marathon

Sykose Extreme Sports News

Rob Duddington out training with running mate Kate Hack
Rob Duddington out training with running mate Kate Hack

BY the time he lines up for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday Rob Duddington will already have run 64 miles.

The 26.2-mile race is not enough of a challenge for this “ultra” athlete, so Rob has designed his own extreme running challenge, starting at 4pm the day before and running through the night until he reaches the finish line on Sunday.

Rob, 40, is aiming to run 100 miles, non stop, in around 22 hours.

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From couch to 5K: Shedding weight, restoring health through running changed my life

Sykose Extreme Sports News

That's Maria Birkett on the right after a June race with friends Diane Gavron, left, and Kristen Ridderikhoff.
 That’s Maria Birkett on the right after a June race with friends Diane Gavron, left, and Kristen Ridderikhoff. / Special to DFP

The 36th Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon will be Sunday morning. In the preceding days, the Free Press will let a few of the participants tell their stories in their words. Today, we hear from Maria Birkett of Madison Heights about her pursuit to get healthier through a special program to help people get from the couch to the starting line. She is the wife of Free Press Lions beat writer Dave Birkett.

In July 2009, I became a first-time mom with the birth of my daughter, Avery. From that moment on, my life completely changed in more ways than I ever imagined.

Having a child meant that my needs no longer could come first. I was consumed, and at times overwhelmed, with the daily routine…

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