A Disney Store Story

The Relocated Tourist

Guest Author: Kris Banas
I recently took a trip out to our closest malls which is Westfield Mall, better known to locals by it’s old name “Southlake Mall.”  I had wanted to do a story for the blog on this location for a while, it’s a 25-35 minute trip depending on traffic, so I found myself putting it off several times. FIXKRIS

The Disney Store there is Store #737.  This location used to be at a mall in Calumet City, Illinois, called River Oaks, but due to the “down-cline” of that mall, it moved out to it’s present home.  As I was out at the mall, I also took a jaunt in to the JP Penny Store as it has the new small “Disney” area and I wanted to see first hand how nice I had heard it was.  rsz_ds3rsz_ds4

Upon my arrival at The Disney Store, I was greeted very nicely…

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