Marathon Special: Meeting your Running Specialist – Kyndra Clawson

Paragon Sports Run Club

Marathon Special 


This will be Kyndra’s first ING New York City Marathon. Many of you can relate whether it’s your first or thinking about the first time you conquered the race. Good luck Kyndra! We’re proud of you.

How did you get into running? Why do you run? 
I started running almost 4 years ago to help me lose weight. I lost over 50 pounds exercising a ton and eating better. Running was a huge part of my workout. I ran with the Niketown Run Club and dragged a few of my coworkers w/ me to help keep me motivated. One of the girls that started coming with me is actually one of the people I am running the marathon with. There’s 3 of us all running together. It’ll be a special moment when we all cross the finish line. I run…

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