Reflections on a weekend

Memoirs of a Soon-to-Be Former Fat Guy

It’s been a long stretch of little sleep, standing on the side of the road yelling at complete strangers, and it’s not much of a vacation.

But it ranks as one of the most amazing weekends of my life.

“But why?” you might ask.

Simple. It comes down to the most amazing group of people I’ve even been associated with. These are people from all walks of life… bankers, lawyers, professors, nerds, and even a singular typesetter. These are people I am proud to call inspirations and proud to be associated with.

I saw pretty much everything, most good, some things that I wish I could unsee (Speedo guy). I saw the full range of human emotion, ranging from people in tears as their minds and bodies began to give up to people who were all smiles, enjoying the fact that they were doing something that not many others will…

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What Ultra-Marathons Do to Our Bodies

Sykose Extreme Sports News

Johner Images/Getty Images

Gretchen Reynolds on the science of fitness.

Ultra-runners are different from you and me in one simple way: They run more. But a new study of these racers, who compete in events longer than marathons, joins other recent science in finding that they also tend to be older and have some different health concerns than most of us might expect, suggesting that some beliefs about how much activity the human body can manage, especially in middle age, may be too narrow.

In recent years, the health effects of increasing inactivity have received plenty of scientific and media scrutiny. But the potential health effects of relatively gargantuan levels of physical activity have received less attention, and much of the science that does exist focuses on the potential dangers of over-exercise for the heart. Few studies have examined the more general health implications — the benefits as well…

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Dopey Challenge: The Expo & 5k

Live, Run, Grow

I can’t believe Dopey weekend has come and gone!  There is just so much to recap, so I’m planning on breaking it down race by race and then I’ll write a separate post with some pros and cons of the weekend and my overall feelings on if I would do the Dopey Challenge again.

So, as any race weekend does, it all began with the expo!

All Dopey Challenge participants had to visit the expo on Wednesday since the first of the four races, the 5k, was on Thursday morning.  I landed in Orlando Wednesday afternoon dropped my stuff off at my “home” for the weekend (Saratoga Springs) and met a few friends at the Magic Kingdom – we had decided we were going to go with our same Wine & Dine expo strategy of arriving about an hour before it closed to avoid the crowds.

Expo Dopey Backdrop

We picked up our…

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