The 8 toughest races in the world

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Adventure athlete Tobias Mews rounds up the world’s toughest, longest, hardest and basically unhinged endurance races. Not for the feint of heart

Tobias Mews (left) runs the Marathon des Sables
Tobias Mews (left) runs the Marathon des Sables Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

Some people collect stamps. Others like bird watching. Personally, I collect races – especially ones that claim to be the ‘toughest’ or the ‘longest’. It’s something that amuses my friends, puzzles my mother, and keeps my long suffering other half in a constant flux of worry.

The relative difficulty of a race is subjective and dependent upon a myriad of variables, such as fitness levels, experience, age and one’s genetic make up. But generally speaking there are four factors that l use to determine how hard a race will be: distance, the amount of climbing/descending required, terrain and climate. If that sounds like a complicated rubric, there’s always one simple fact that gives you a…

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