Day Three…and This Ain’t Gettin’ Easier…

October 7th 2016

The Day’s Game Plan:

Up at 5am.  Now that’s a bit better…

Friday is Brace Yourself Day.  The weekend’s workouts are longer than anything I do during the weekdays, so I need to get some work in in order to continue to help the weight loss along, but I need to brace myself for the demands of Saturday morning.  So the day starts with a 45 minute run, nice and easy.  Just log some miles.  Hustle home, grab my workout bag and head to the gym.  The goal here is to continue to jack up the metabolism with a spin class.  45 minutes, and I’m gunning for 600+ calories burnt.

I’ll find some time in the middle of the day to get some core strength workout in.  The evening will just rest.

Nutrition-wise, I’ll one again bring lunch to the office  I’m going to continue the protein-heavy routine in the morning, followed by a hefty portion of grilled chicken and salad for lunch.  Not worried so much about calorie intake today, as I’ll need the extra fuel tomorrow.  I just need to lean away from the garbage…and when I’m hungry, that’s not easy.

The Outcome

I was up early, and logged some solid miles at tempo before 5am.  Felt awesome.

Diet-wise, I was solid as well.  It was as if I clicked on all cylinders today.  Now I have to hope that I get some momentum going through the weekend and roll into Monday with three days of solid training and nutrition under my belt.

Speaking of nutrition: tomorrow is my long run, and I am going to begin experimenting with different, new fuel during the run.  Tomorrow I’ll begin the long run fueling experimentation with the gel that I know is provided at mile 18 of the NYC Marathon: Clif Shots.  I have used this gel before, so I am going to experiment with utilizing them throughout my run by fueling every 30 minutes.  I have never done this before – I normally elect to carb load the evening before, top off the tank with carbs on race morning, and then take the gels that the course provides whenever they provide them.  Not exactly a sound plan, as I have “bonked” (crashed) almost every time I’ve gotten to miles 20-21 of the race.  I want to finish with a ton of energy and I want a quicker time – so we’ll see if this does the trick.



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