March 30th 2017

So today was interesting, to say the least.  I had a simple medical procedure yesterday, so I’m a little sore still this morning.  My chest felt tight.  The morning workout consisted of a light run, followed by some upper body strength training.  My performance was…..well….lackluster at best.  It was if I was simply going through the motions.  The plan was to score a high quality running effort in the morning by crushing some hill repeats in Central Park.  That plan was quickly changed to a light run followed by upper body work due to the residual discomfort from having a decent-sized needle jabbed into my chest.  Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.  Hmmmm…..maybe that Mike Tyson has some wisdom after all…….

I took midday off, and focused on taking in more water and less calories.  Nutrition – otherwise known as The 4th Discipline (seriously, that sounds like the title of a crappy karate movie starring that dude that played Sho Nuff in the Last Dragon) was my in-office workout.

I spent a few hours in the gym this evening, starting with a strength workout for the legs, then a lite run of 2 miles with interval sprints baked in, and wrapping up with an hour on the bike.

The day started rough, and ended well.  And to celebrate: 2 slices of NYC pizza and a glass of wine.  Why?  Because I earned it.  (insert mic drop here).



March 29th 2017


I took the morning off from training today.

At midday, I worked in a short 40 minute dreadmill session, getting 3.8 miles in.

By 5pm, I was in the gym, doing a strength session before hopping on the bike for 90 minutes.


The 4th Discipline

Today’s focus was on nutrition – otherwise known as the fourth discipline of a triathlete.  This, by far, is the weakest part of my game (and that is definitely saying something, as my blood type is Ben & Jerry’s triple chocolate brownie).  So what I decided to do today was to jack up my metabolism by doing a midday workout, while dropping the total amount of calories consumed for the day.  The lack of calories would make a strong performance in my evening training session more challenging, so I eliminated the high quality portion of the session (an endurance swim) from the schedule, electing to perform some strength (to build up muscle mass), following by a cycling session (which burns calories efficiently).

By the time I got home, I was definitely hungry, and wanted to basically chow down on an entire package of tortellini (damn those things are tasty).  However, I remembered the old saying:


What I desire most is to shed the unnecessary fat and replace it with lean muscle.  The more weight I drop, the quicker I will get…and long as I keep training hard.  This is the tricky part of the game, as the body craves calories when you amp up the effort – and yet, in order to lose weight you basically need to take in less than you burn for the day.  I can’t fast and train – this much I know (plus, if I fast, I’ll become even more obnoxious than I already am).  So I am going to do two things:

  • I’ll continue to eat healthier, and…
  • I’ll distract myself midday (when I get cravings for empty calories) by going for a midday run or completely immersing myself in my work at my desk and removing references to a clock on my desktop (which distracts me from the actual time of day, thereby allowing me to work through those cravings without my stomach knowing that “It’s 2pm: time for junk!!!!)


Yes, I am going to bed slightly hungry – but I knew the beginning of this transition was going to be a challenge.  And what do I want most?  It sure isn’t another Oreo.  Not.  Any.  More.

Game on.

March 28th, 2017

Today’s Training Sessions


So I slept in this morning – I needed the rest and I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  So I planned to make up for it during the remainder of the day.  Note to self: get to bed at the planned time of 9:30pm.  I need to start thinking more about recovery.  I need to take rest seriously.



Squeezed in another 40 minute run on the treadmill.  Got the heart rate up.  Went back to the office with an elevated pulse, which was the plan.  This was my high quality work for the day, cranking out


5am Strength Training session focusing on the legs and core, then switch to a swim session (1200yds).  Finish up with a 6:30am cycling session, just to burn calories.  The goal was to focus on power.


How Did It Go?

The day was solid – by the end of spin class, I felt like I had accomplished something.  Swim – bike – run – get a tiny bit stronger.  Boom.

2 days down.  19 more to go until a positive habit takes hold.

March 27th 2017

Today’s Training Sessions


5am Strength Training session focusing on the Upper Body and Core

6:30am Cycling session – this is weekly HQ (high quality) cycling workout, focusing on high RPMs while maintaining strong wattage.


Squeeze in a 40 minute run on the treadmill.  Get the heart rate up.


Run session: tempo day.  Nice and steady, maintain pace.

Finish the day with 1200yds in the pool.  Turn up the heat here.

How Did It Go?

After a relaxing weekend, I jumped right back on the training horse and went to work early.  I realized that the morning routines that I had booked in my training program consisted of three legs: a run, followed by strength training, and wrapped up with cycling….and that was too much for a single session where quality is also a concern.  So I am trimming my morning training sessions to focus on 2 items at a time.  I began with a strength training session and added in some stretching.  Then I switching to cycling for about 55 minutes.  Burnt about 1,000 calories.  Left the gym feeling deliciously saucy.


Scored a light run in the middle of the day – about 30 minutes at an easy pace.  I’m using a quick trip to the closest Equinox to my office during lunch in order to take my mind off the midday hunger for Oreos and a chicken parm hero from Luigi’s.  Getting out of my office in the middle of the day did the trick.

I found a swim class offered by the gym this evening.  At first I had reservations about swimming with a group…but then I figured that taking spin classes has improved my upper leg strength and pace on the bike, so it was worth taking a shot.  Well……it was awesome.  A great workout, and it pushed my endurance (which shows me that I have a TON of work to do).  2.4 miles in less than 140 minutes.  I better step this up.  I finished off the evening with a lite run on the dreadmill, just to shake out the legs.

They say that in the sport of triathlon, there are actually 4 disciplines: swim….bike….run…and nutrition.  I need to work on that 4th discipline with a bit more consistency as well.

Hey…the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right??