March 27th 2017

Today’s Training Sessions


5am Strength Training session focusing on the Upper Body and Core

6:30am Cycling session – this is weekly HQ (high quality) cycling workout, focusing on high RPMs while maintaining strong wattage.


Squeeze in a 40 minute run on the treadmill.  Get the heart rate up.


Run session: tempo day.  Nice and steady, maintain pace.

Finish the day with 1200yds in the pool.  Turn up the heat here.

How Did It Go?

After a relaxing weekend, I jumped right back on the training horse and went to work early.  I realized that the morning routines that I had booked in my training program consisted of three legs: a run, followed by strength training, and wrapped up with cycling….and that was too much for a single session where quality is also a concern.  So I am trimming my morning training sessions to focus on 2 items at a time.  I began with a strength training session and added in some stretching.  Then I switching to cycling for about 55 minutes.  Burnt about 1,000 calories.  Left the gym feeling deliciously saucy.


Scored a light run in the middle of the day – about 30 minutes at an easy pace.  I’m using a quick trip to the closest Equinox to my office during lunch in order to take my mind off the midday hunger for Oreos and a chicken parm hero from Luigi’s.  Getting out of my office in the middle of the day did the trick.

I found a swim class offered by the gym this evening.  At first I had reservations about swimming with a group…but then I figured that taking spin classes has improved my upper leg strength and pace on the bike, so it was worth taking a shot.  Well……it was awesome.  A great workout, and it pushed my endurance (which shows me that I have a TON of work to do).  2.4 miles in less than 140 minutes.  I better step this up.  I finished off the evening with a lite run on the dreadmill, just to shake out the legs.

They say that in the sport of triathlon, there are actually 4 disciplines: swim….bike….run…and nutrition.  I need to work on that 4th discipline with a bit more consistency as well.

Hey…the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one, right??





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