January 2nd 2018

Today I realized that 2018’s goals, while demanding, will also provide a level of fulfillment if accomplished.

While there will be a number of other races throughout the year, I’ve set three major challenges for myself this year: Ironman Santa Rosa in May, Ironman Mont-Tremblant in August, and the NYC 60k in November. When developing a training plan, some coaches refer to these selected challenges as his/her “A” races. These are the races that my training palm is geared toward preparing me to conquer. There are several races that I’ll use to weigh and measure my training progress throughout the year – these are commonly referred to as “B” races on a long training schedule. I’m developing my overall competitive schedule as I write this, so I haven’t targeted all of my “B” races as of yet. I’ll also throw in some additional races on the calendar just so have some fun and see how fast I can go at shorter distance after some serous work has been put in.

If I accomplish any of these goals at all, it will be because of some serious sweat poured into the daily routine. Let the fun begin.

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