March 14th 2018: Happy Pi Day!

As much as I was tempted to keep up my theme of over-training and risking injury weeks before my first full Ironman, today I simply kept to the plan that my coach laid out for me: an hour on the run.

Here’s what over-doing it looks like to a guy that trains for a triathlon in his spare time:

image1.png  So today is Pi Day (3.14…..), and it began on a rather somber note, as renowned  physicist Steven Hawking passed away at his home in England at the age of 76.  Back in 1963, he was given two years to live… THAT’s what I call telling the odds to go scratch.  I read his book “A Brief History of Time”, and it truly made me look at things a bit differently.  If you google him, he has an array of wonderful quotes…but this one has always been my favorite:


This morning I woke up a bit more sore than usual.  Since I tend to overdo things when I feel energetic, a training season for me is like a roller coaster.  In the past, I’d continue to beat myself up until I reached a breaking point, and then all positive momentum would be crushed for a week as I decided that sleep was more important than working toward the goal.  This time, I’m not making that mistake.  Today called for a run, so that’s what I did.  I cannot burn all of the pounds I hope to drop in a single day – I need patience, persistence and positivity: the 3 P’s.  Rome was not built in a day….but when in Rome, do as the Romans do (…and try the Marchese Antinori, it’s a delight).  That’s today’s lesson: listen to the coach, and do the workouts as assigned…and if the day is designated as a REST DAY, enjoy it!  Let you body recover.

I’m logging these miles and competing in these events this year in order to raise awareness and donations to fight Spinal Muscular Atrophy – the number one genetic killer of kids under the age of two in the world. If you’d like more information, or check out what our charity is all about, please go to our website at Do Away With SMA. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!!!

If you want to donate to our cause and help fight SMA, you can find our event on CrowdRise:

2018 Tri to Fight SMA


My Overall Numbers Since March 12th 2018

Strength Training:  1:30:00


Yards:  2,200

Time: 00:49:00


 Miles:  57

Time:  2:45:00


Miles:  9.93

Time:  1:49:00


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