August 2nd 2018: Let The Crankiness Begin

So as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to finally attack my weight issue once and for all.  I needed to address this, because I’ve become sluggish, unfocused and my performance is way off.  I’ve grown tired of spinning my wheels and seeing minimal gains (if any at all) from my training. Enough is enough.

I’ve tried the weight loss thing before – and I’ve never had any luck.  So why is this time going to be different?  Because I’m not doing it alone.  A few friends are going to go through this insanity with me.  We are scattered all over the country, which is a good thing…because I think we will all be extremely cranky as the weeks slog on.

I made the decision to attack this issue on July 20th.  That morning, I took myself to the gym and did something that enjoy about as much as a root canal sans Novocaine: I stepped on the digital scale.  Just to make this a more “fun” experience, my gym’s scale in the mens locker room includes sound effects.  Seriously.  You read that right: sound effects.  I stepped onto the scale, and the numbers began to flicker and role as if I was on some sort of game show.  The scale began to beep and squawk as if it was R2-D2 on an acid trip.  Finally, the numbers stopped rolling, and then…..a “TADA!”

No.  I am not kidding.  “TADA!”

So here’s the thing: when magicians make that “Tada!” noise, it’s usually followed by something awesome.  Know what I mean?  Like a rabbit being yanked out of a hat, or a coin being pulled from behind a kid’s ear.  But the number that darn thing showed me on July 20th wasn’t magical at all.  I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life.  to say I was shocked was an understatement.  I immediately promised myself that real change was going to happen.  So I began to limit my caloric intake significantly and drink water during the day when moments of hunger hit me.

Each of us weighed ourselves yesterday…and it turns out that I dropped 13 pounds in 11 days.  I was blown away.  Since our weight loss project only began yesterday, those pounds don’t count in the “scoring” (if you want to call it that); however, knowing that I can do this when I put my mind to it gives me hope that this month – with a group of like-minded cohorts – I’ll see some real success.


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