October 2nd 2018

Thoughts of the Day:

Thoughts of the Day:

Completely lazy this morning. Couldn’t get myself together in time to hit the gym and get to work. At least I ate a healthy breakfast at home, and loaded up on coffee. I left for work this morning in a foul disposition – better preparation last night would have helped me stick to my schedule this morning. It’s like I’m swinging the bat with a blindfold on.

The good thing was lunch – I stuck to the plan and had 3 hard boiled eggs. The protein took the edge off the hunger, and it made me feel a little better about the day. Hey – I actually fouled a pitch off.

I hit the gym HARD this evening. Started with a half hour of strength training, and then transitioned to a 2 mile recovery run. Finished the day off with a 19.7 mile bike. By the time I got home, I was starving….so thank Zeus for angel hair pasta. By the time I crashed for the night I was fried, bu also thrilled at the feeling of resisting eating crappy fast food for dinner. It’s like I refrained from swinging at a few pitches in the dirt and worked out a walk. I’ve got a man on base – now I need to get him into scoring position.


October stats:

Swim:   Nada.  Nothing.  Zippo so far.

Biking:   43.1 miles.

Running:  4 miles.

Strength Training:  30 minutes

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