February 19th, 2019

The Cycle for Survival is less than 2 weeks away – so this should be interesting . 4 hours on the bike, where I’m gunning for 80 miles at a minimum. The Suck Factor on this one will be a solid 8. So I’m beginning the first of three continuous Ironman Triathlon training plans today while, at the same time, re-dedicating myself to dietary discipline. What does my version of “Dietary Discipline” mean? It’s simple:

– Upping the water intake.
– Decreasing the intake of vino….THAT’S GONNA SUCK
– No sweets (they make me slow and I really can’t afford to be slower than I currently am)
– No soda (this one is easier for me now, but it counts….so I’m adding it)
– Tracking every single thing I eat on Myfitnesspal (feel free to follow me on there!)
– Dropping the carbs and upping the protein (easy peasy – this just means more fish!)
– Increasing the veggies and fruit (another easy one, in my humble opinion)
– No fast food, Cook at home.

For those of you that talk to me daily / frequently, I apologize in advance for my cranky, almost obnoxious tone from here on out. No wine? No Oreos? No heavy carbs? I’m putting some small bills in my dresser drawer for use as bail money……..

today’s workouts were 45 minutes in the pool (cold as heck, but as David Goggins says…”every day you need to do something that sucks”). Then I hopped out of the pool and got 45 minutes of speed work in on the run. Wearing saturated spandex from the pool did not help my mood.

Doing the mental math: cutting my calories + upping my training = a pissed off dude.

On March 3rd, I’m going to be cycling for 4 hours straight in order to raise money to help in the fight against cancer. Please consider a donation to this amazing cause!  I’m shooting for 80 miles in 4 hours, and I’ll be broadcasting live on Facebook during the event!!!!  Here’s the link:

Cycle for Survival!!

…and here’s my upcoming race schedule…..

My 2019 and 2020 Race Schedule



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