February 22nd, 2019

Ahhhhh, Friday. Today’s been a very good day.  My Jeep Wrangler, Lola (yes, that’s her name – its an homage to Agent Phil Coulson’s car in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD……and yes, I’m THAT big of a nerd) got picked up from the dealership today after requiring attention (apparently there was something wrong with the radiator…either that, or some asshat siphoned all of  its engine coolant and sold it on the black market for vast amounts of bitcoin).  Four days in Cali without a mode of transportation results in some rather odd and morbidly funny Uber rides.  Here are just a few of the things I’ve heard during my rides to and from work while Lola was ailing:

  • “….I’m like, really smart. Super smart.  I have, like, a 300 IQ…”  To which I responded “While I’m not that smart, I can use big words like Delicatessen in a sentence and know what it means…”
  •   “….I don’t think my girlfriend likes men any more…”  To which I responded “Hey I have idea – let’s talk politics, because it will be less uncomfortable.  Sound good?”
  • “…this whole climate change thing is a bunch of crappola.  It rained all afternoon….” To which I responded “You make an excellent point.  Absolutely.  It never rains in Phoenix, so that’s when you know their climate is screwed – but the rest of us are just fine.  Just don’t go to Phoenix.”  (NOTE: I tipped this driver because he used the word “crappola in a sentence, like a damn boss)
  • “…can you believe it?  I got stopped for speeding and then they didn’t believe me when I told them I wasn’t drunk.”  When I asked “Well, were you drunk?”, his response was “I don’t remember”.  I just replied “Well then that would be a yes.”
  • …and my personal favorite, which just happened this morning: “I love a good pastrami sandwich in the morning – I don’t know what to do without it. It’s like, really delicious.  And my boyfriend told me its ok for vegans because it’s the only meat made of soy.”   two notes here: 1) yes, this was actually said, almost verbatim – I had to write this in the morning so I wouldn’t forget the sheer artistry of what I had just heard, and 2) yes, the car smelled of warm, cured meat and dijon mustard.

On a scale of 1-10, I’d give myself a solid 7 today, diet-wise.  No junk food.  No soda.  Only one cup of coffee (I think I’ve been taking in way too much caffeine, and I’ve not slept much all week).   No fast food or junk food.  Nothing fried.  An abundance of high quality H2O.    So that combination – in my world – equates to eating like a monk.  Seriously.  That’s like a damn detox day for me.  Sad, I know – yet oh so true.

The workouts today were AWESOME.  I brought my A game.  I started with some strength training, and then transitioned to the dreadmill, where I stretched my legs for 45 minutes at a relaxed pace.  I was thinking about not running today – but then I remembered how damn slow I am, and that I needed the practice.  So: dreadmill. Then I hopped on the bike and sweated like a damn fiend for 90 minutes.  I really wanted to burn my legs out today, because I want to see how they recover for tomorrow’s long run.  I’m going to be in some serious pain coming off the bike in Santa Cruz in May, and then I’ll need transition to the marathon even though I’m hurting.  Like David Goggins says “every day, you should do something that absolutely sucks”.  Well bathing my quads in lactic acid sucks.  Now let’s see if manana goes well.


March 3rd…..4 hours on the bike with a goal of 80 miles or more in order to raise money to fight cancer.  Please check out my Cycle for Survival donation page (I’ve attached the link below), and consider a donation to this important cause.  Thanks!

…and if you’re interested in checking out my race schedule, I’ve shared that link below as well!

My cycle for Survival Donation Page!

2019 and 2020 Race Schedule

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