Day 3:This Ain’t Getting Any Easier

So its day three of this endeavor, and I’m already noticing some changes. Here – let me list them for you:

  • I used to be impatient.  Now I scowl at red lights just for taking too long to change – because my crankiness will definitely make it turn green quicker.
  • I walked by a place here in SoCal that stated “Authentic New York Pizza”, and I got so cranky that I kicked the sidewalk – because that will definitely make all the difference in the crust and the sauce.  (You see, pizza is always better in New York City because of the local water, the Jersey tomatoes and the fresh pulled mozzarella made from cows that have the same kind of attitude as Joe Pesci did in Goodfellas.)
  • I usually wear a rather clear sign on my face that says “Hello – I’m Joe, and I’m a nice freakin’ guy”.  Now the sign says “I’m Joe, now go scratch.

I have read about this type of intermittent fasting, and I know that the beginning is not supposed to be easy, because I’m making my body do the same things it usually does daily with less fuel.  Now the cool thing is that, because the body needs to do work with less fuel, the fuel I give my engine needs to be that 93 Extra Special octane gas that only the fancy-schmansy people pump into their 2019 Masaratis.  So I hit the office cafeteria twice a day during my 5 hour fueling window to chow down on diced grilled chicken that really doesn’t really have much flavor to it so that that stomach shuts up.  The protein helps me feel full for a bit – which is good.  And my evening bike and strength workouts haven’t suffered much, performance-wise.

I will say one positive thing about this experience: I’m actually more focused on both work and stuff at home than before.  Before, I could eat whenever I felt like it. Little things here and there.  Yum – something to nosh on in between meals.  Now, with this window of time to eat, I need to focus on other things when that urge to buy a package of Oreos comes calling (ah oh dear Lord, he comes calling…..often).

Oh wait – here’s another cool thing about this process: I can look forward to the weekend knowing that I can relax – but just be self-aware at it pertains to NOT LOSING any gains I made during the week.

Now….all I need to do is stay cool and not flippeth the helleth out on some random stanger that doesn’t like the color of my sweater (It’s a lovely shade of green – it brings out my damn eyes….).


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A slow running, wine slurping, Disney-loving, bourbon swilling triathlete that is simply looking to go from ordinary to extraordinary...and hopefully motivate others along the way.

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