February 5th, 2020

Motivation 35

Seriously: each day is a damn gift.  Treat it accordingly.  If you woke up this morning knowing that it was your last day on Earth – would you do what you are about to do?  If the answer is “no” too many days in a row – and you’ll know when that is – then something needs to change.

No workout this morning.  Had to wait until the evening – came home from work not able to keep food down.  At least my abs got a workout all afternoon.

Day Three of intermittent fasting.  I did feel extremely hungry this morning – waited until 12pm to eat solid food.  The only carbs prior to dinner was a bagel.  Everything else was vegetables (grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas) and grilled chicken.  By the time I left for home this evening, I still was not hungry – which surprised me.  I may be getting used to this change in eating habits fairly quick.




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