April 17, 2020

In August 14th’s blog posting, I provided a brief overview of y plan for Day 1 of next August’s long distance run from San Francisco to San Diego.  Today, I’ll give you a very brief description of Day 2 and Day 3.

Now remember – this is just a plan.  As that old saying goes, “You wanna make God laugh?  Just tell Him your plans.”  As I learned five years ago, one of the primary things you need to be while trying this type of long distance run is flexible.  Not flexible in a “I can bend like a yogi and touch my palms to the floor without bending at the waist” way; instead, I need to be flexible as it pertains to adjusting the planned running course on a daily basis.

Day 2 of the run will start in Half Moon Bay, and will finish as close to Boulder Creek as I can muster.  Then I’ll pick up right from where I left off the next morning, and Day 3 will finish in Santa Cruz, right near their Pier.

I’m already beginning to train with this effort in mind.  Days 2 and 3 will include some significant elevation – so I’m already working the hills here in Orange County in order to prepare.

I’m psyched for a weekend of long workouts and the resulting endorphins!!





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