May 20, 2020

Wise words.  Fear is a huge barrier to achieving a goal.  My daughter – my buddy – dreamed of working for Disney since she was in elementary school.  Then, her sophomore year in college, she had the opportunity to apply to Disney’s College Program.  She wanted to give it a shot….but was afraid to apply because of the fear of being passed over.  However, a very close friend spurred her on and encouraged her to take a shot – risk being passed over and fight for your dreams.

She did.  The application was submitted.

In early August, while visiting me here in Southern California in 2018, she had a 45 minute interview via conference call with Disney management.  She made it to the second round….

Three weeks later, while I’m in a meeting in Kansas City, my cell phone erupts at the conference room table.  It rattled with text messages and chirped with voicemails – so I quickly rushed out of the room to return the call.  It was Chelsea  She was crying.


My buddy moved in with me in December, 2018.  Since then, she’s been working for The Mouse every day, and loving every second of it.  She risked being told NO by the one firm she dreamed of working for.  But she overcame that fear and took a shot.  The result is the beginning of a long, wonderful career.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


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