July 9th, 2020


I know Coach Wooden is referring to athletic training and practice; a little each day and you’ll see small improvements…..and those add up to big positive changes as the athlete deposits his / her coins in the training piggy bank.


This very detailed, very brilliant quote can be translated to most anything a human wants to work toward as a goal.  I’m applying it to the topics I mentioned yesterday: I’m working on being more consistent training for my upcoming race schedule, I’m working on broadening my knowledge base overall (as I feel I’ve allowed myself to become a bit….stale), and I’m working on my emotional side through means that I’ll possibly discuss further at some later date.

Take today for example: I got some work in on the bike, and I did some high repetition / low weight upper body strength training this evening.  That fed the athletic DNA inside of me.  I also finished Matt Warshaw’s book on the history of surfing (so – cowabunga, dude), I learned a bit about the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine of 1949 (oh I’m going to rant about this one in the coming days) – so my brain got a workout too.  And as for my emotional issues – I’m learning that a combination of breathing exercises during the day and some quiet meditation helps to clear my head and helps me focus.

Also – and I can’t stress this strongly enough – I deleted my social media apps from my Iphone and Ipad, bringing an immediate sense of peace.  I’m no longer reading tons of anger-laden tweet storms, posts lacking any whiff of factual evidence or truth and the corresponding comments they birth that evidences the how fractured of a unit we’ve become.  This has resulted in lower blood pressure, the ability to ingest a good arrabbiata sauce without an immediate craving of Tums, enhanced focus during office hours and more time to be productive overall.  In short: I’m a far less cranky version of myself.

It’s funny how different aspects of your life are intertwined.  Emotional issues and a feeling of “becoming stale” distracted me enough to affect my focus athletically.  I’m glad I’m figuring this out.  Now I can continue to address it, a little at a time, each day.





Author: backofthepacker

A slow running, wine slurping, Disney-loving, bourbon swilling triathlete that is simply looking to go from ordinary to extraordinary...and hopefully motivate others along the way.

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