September 23, 2020

Trust me – it becomes easier when you practice. I’ve now built some solid habits:

– I’m waking up at 4:15am every morning and NOT hitting the snooze button.

– I’m getting 30-35 minutes of strength work in each morning. I’m getting that in first, while my body isn’t awake enough to realize what I’m doing to it.

– I’m scoring 60 minutes on the Peloton each morning, wrapping up by 6am. 60 minutes at an average of 20mph more or less burns 700-900 calories.

– The endorphins I’m enjoying each morning after this workout are fantastic. I’m in a positive mood, and I’m psyched to get more stuff accomplished.

– Each day at 7am, I am taking 60 minutes to learn something new. This month, I’ve been focusing on listening to past panel discussions held by financial industry organizations to so that I hear multiple perspectives on things that affect my occupation. It’s making me a more rounded compliance professional. October will be all about creativity. November will be dedicated to learning a language – this month will be knocking the rust off of my Italian. December will be focused on studying for a level 1 Somm exam. Who knows what 2021 will bring.

– At exactly 4:30pm, I sign off from work and I immediately get my run in. This way I have enough time in the evening to eat dinner, wind down a bit, decompress, and hit the sack by 9pm.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning. It’s not easy now. But it’s not impossible.

September 21, 2020

Things are beginning to become routine now. Get up, strength training, hop on the bike and sweat off the crazy, shower, change and get to work. It has taken a long while for this habit to become ingrained, mainly because it didn’t have enough importance placed upon it.

I allowed my mind to become clouded. I embraced the simple concept of being and feeling comfortable. When you get too comfortable, you lose your hunger. That’s what happened to me.

“If you’re not careful, talent will take you places where your character can’t keep you.” – Eric Thomas