November 7, 2020

Let’s just hope that today’s events bring some peace and much needed stability. Things will probably get a little worse in the near-term. COVID doesn’t want to go away yet. Our economy is in a fragile state. Anger and hostility between neighbors has spiked. The entire world is watching us, bracing for whatever comes next. The saying holds true: “may you live in interesting times”…..

….but this is America. Our darkest times are usually followed by our brightest moments.

We just need to be better to each other. We can do this.

As a country, we’ve grown the world’s greatest economy. Jazz and baseball are two of the many gifts we’ve given to humanity. We’ve built great big things, made incredible scientific advances, cultivated some of the world’s greatest artists, writers and musicians, put a man on the damn moon….in short, we are better than we’ve been acting lately.

We need to be better.

We can be better.

We need to get back to what makes us great. Heal the country through bipartisanship. Make the decision to improve our educational systems – give our teachers what they need to grow the minds of the next generation. Place the focus on science and healthcare. Create. Innovate. Commit to doing our fair share as we try to heal our suffering environment. NASA put a man on the moon…now put a person on Mars. Get back to doing great big things.