Let’s Talk Wine: 2018 Silverado Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

So this is my first foray into breaking down a wine, and it’s not a bad place for me to start. I scored myself a couple of bottles of Silverado Vineyards’ wines, and the Sauvignon Blanc was the first that I’ve opened.

So Silverado Vineyards (www.silveradovineyards.com) is located in the Stags Leap section of Napa, California. It was founded in 1981 by Ron Miller (former CEO of the Walt Disney Corporation from 1983-1984), his wife, Dianne Disney Miller (the daughter of the one and only Walt Disney), and Lillian Disney (Dianne’s mom & Walt’s wife). So for all of you Disney fans out there, this is a vineyard with direct ties to The Mouse. I’m a huge Disney fan – so starting with a bottle from this vineyard is sort of appropriate for me.

My Two Cents on This One

I’m not the biggest fan of Sauv Blanc – I lean toward Rieslings if I’m going to have a white wine. So I wasn’t honestly expecting to love this one….but I was wrong. The color of the wine is bright, it’s soft on the nose, and it’s crisp yet not tart on the palate. Right before I enjoyed my first sip, I kept uttering to myself “please don’t suck…please don’t suck…please don’t suck…it’s got ties to Walt, so please don’t suck….”

Needless to say – it did not suck. Not at all.

You can look up all of those tasting notes, reviews, etc. on the good ol’ internet. The main tastes I took away from this wine was some pineapple and a little lemon curd. I know that some of the reviews on this one list out 5-6-7 different other hints of fruits in the wine…but my palate isn’t the world’s greatest by a LONG shot. I usually just say that I like a vintage, or I don’t. Period. (That’s why I have now begun writing a little about the wines I try – I need the damn practice). I had some salmon with it, and it really paired well.

Bottom line: I’d buy this one again. I definitely WILL buy this one again.

The Wine Gods’ Verdicts

I’m not big on ratings for wines. Like I mentioned before – I either love it, like it, or “hey, I’ve got an idea….let’s cook with it…”. I tend to ignore the ratings; however, some people swear by them. So…..here are the verdicts of Wine Gods on this one:

Wine Enthusiast: 92

James Suckling: 90

Wine.com: 91

So basically this is what’s referred to as a “90 +” bottle of vino.

What’s it Gonna Cost Me?

Ready for this? You can score this bottle for about $22!!!!! Give it a shot!!

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