Let’s Talk Wine: Rancho Capistrano’s 2017 Remington Tempranillo

So yesterday I mentioned that I went to a small wine shop in San Clemente, called Rancho Capistrano Winery. I tried several of their vintages, for two reasons: a) because I’m always psyched to try new wine, and b) because they had wine on the menu.

There you go. That’s all it takes for me.

So, over a flatbread, I enjoyed tastes of a couple of whites and three different reds. I really enjoyed each of them – but this one stood out. On the nose, this one isn’t too big – but it sends the message of “wait until you taste what’s in this glass…”. On the palate, it hits the tongue with an initial blast of some dark fruits – this is a taste that I really look forward to in wine. But here’s the cool part: I let the wine sit in my glass for a bit as I chatted with a couple of dudes at the next table, mid-argument over why the NFC East sucks this year. (My response….because the Cowboys are still in the division, and they haven’t moved to the CFL yet). The result of giving this wine a bit of time to breathe was an expansion of the flavors. Hints of tobacco now popped on the tongue as I finished the glass. That was awesome.

If you are ever in Orange County, California, try to check out this place. Try the flatbreads, try the wine, and look to tease the fans of football teams that do not have the distinct honor of being called the New York Giants.

Let’s Talk Wine: Rancho Capistrano Winery 2018 Delmar Chenin Blanc

I found this little wine shop in San Clemente, called Rancho Capistrano Winery. They make a bunch of their own wines…so I sat down early one evening and tasted some of them, while chowing down on a kickass flatbread. This one stood out, so I waddled home with a bottle.

On the nose, it’s crisp – some green apple and citrus. It hits your tongue and just hangs out there for a bit in the best kind of way. This will be great with some shrimp, scallops, or tuna.

Crap – I just drank the damn bottle while watching two dudes sitting at the next table argue for the better part of an hour about who’s better: Ironman or Batman. They’re in two different universes, dipshits.

When I stood up to leave, I told them one thing: Ric Flair would smack them both around.