January 3, 2021

Well today didn’t go as planned. My knee gave out early on today, and I was unable to finish the 26.2 miles that was the goal. I spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to take the swelling down.

I failed in my attempt to complete all four runs of the Dopey Challenge. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad – but it’s not what I set out to do. While I am disappointed in my athletic performance today, I am thrilled to report that I was able to raise $1,000 to help the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. That’s the important thing.

Overall, this was a great way to start the year!

Post script: the effort was worth it. The sore knee was worth it. And the cause that I ran for was definitely worth it. Most of all – I tried to honor my friend and his family. My buddy Espo is a fantastic, hard working dad – and this is the least I could do to say thanks for so many years of great friendship.

….now I need to heal up!

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