Day 1….Take Two

Yesterday, I blew it. That’s OK though, for I had a really good reason: I got to do dinner at Downtown Disney with my kiddo….and found out that she just got promoted to Supervisor at her Marriott Hotel.

I’m watching my daughter turn into this strong, independent young lady right before my eyes. While waiting for Disneyland to reopen, she needed to earn some income. At first, she worked for Amazon in San Bernardino – so 90 minutes North of us. The commute was rough and the hours didn’t pay much…so one day she saw that a new hotel was being constructed in Lake Forest. She simply walked in and applied for a job….which she was offered immediately. She’s been working her butt off ever since, while continuing to take classes to earn her Bachelors Degree online through the Disney Aspire program. I’m tremendously proud of her.

Soooooo…..I took her to dinner at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen to celebrate, where I had a couple of things that I shouldn’t have.

A swing and a miss. Therefore, I began today as Day 1 of my program, once again. Up early, and then I ticked every box today. I’m crashing this evening, happy as hell. Bring on tomorrow.