Week 1. Day 2

Don’t Stop when your are tired

The keys to success pertaining to the execution of any training plan are:

  • Training Sessions
  • Diet / Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Sleep
  • Proper Recovery / Injury Prevention
  • Motivation / The Mental Game

So I’ll need to check in with this daily….my goal is to go 6 for 6 every day. Knowing me, however, my training batting average may fall below the Mendoza Line…..Let’s figure out how I did today.

Training Sessions

Started with some yoga. The closest it seems that I’ll ever get to my toes is just waving at them from a sad, sad distance. Then cranked out 10+ miles on the Peloton bike, which I find really enjoyable because it’s an efficient way of burning a significant amount of calories in a 30-45 minute time span. I’m making it a little more challenging by wearing a sauna vest. Why? Because there is waaaaay too much of me, and some of me has gotta go. Finally, I finished up with 2+ miles on the run. Hills, hills hills. Hills are a great thing because the more I do them, the easier Mt. Sonofabitch (also referred to as the 59th Street Bridge) will be on race day. It feels good to be active. I’m using www.trainingpeaks to track my mileage, heart rate, and training schedule – it’s a simple site to use, and it does the job well.

The hill work wasn’t easy, but it provided a great view from the top.

The score so far: ME – 1, The Day – 0

Diet / Nutrition

I’m trying to implement intermittent fasting into my program, where I maintain an 8 hour window each day to eat. Let me tell you – that is NOT easy. After I work out in the morning, my stomach is a damn ticking time bomb. By 9am, my stomach is giving off noises that rival California sea lions yelling at each other while sunning themselves on an Orange County dock. Every day I seem to last a little bit longer before I cave in….but I haven’t made the full 16 hours yet. I’m using www.myfitnesspal.com to track my calories in and out. The goal is to eat less than 2000 calories a day.

I’ve actually done well today. Ate healthy all day with limited calorie intake, and then head myself together when I took my kiddo out for dinner. Instead of heading down the Mexican Food Expressway and dipping off the stuffed burrito exit ramp, I scored some grilled seafood and paired that sucker up with some veggies. Did I enjoy it? Was is absolutely yummy? HELL NO. But I went big with the protein and said nay-nay to nachos. Orale!

Me – 2, The Day – 0.


I swore off of soda. So I’m rolling with sparkling water, trying to tell my dense cranium that bubbling water with zero taste is better for me than drinking Diet Coke – zero calories, yet the ability to remove grease stains off of a driveway.

Me – 3, The Day – 0


Ha. Next subject. I toss and turn all night. A swing and a miss.

Me – 3, The Day – 1

Recovery / Injury Prevention

I have zero clue what the hell I did to my left shoulder 6+ weeks ago. However, one thing is for sure: I’m not healing the way I used to. I still don’t have full range of motion, so swimming is OUT. I can’t really do much with upper body strength work either, as movements like presses and even pushups trigger a sharp pain dead center of my rotator cuff. I’m going to let this continue to heal by focusing on leg work and cardio.

At least my right knee is back to almost normal.

Me – 3, The Day – 2

Motivation / Mental Game

I’m dialed in mentally and feeling good. I have a game plan and I followed it today…so I have some momentum rolling in to tomorrow.

Me – 4, The Day – 2

Cool. So far my record is 1-0. But hey – in baseball, momentum is only as good as tomorrow’s starting pitcher.

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