July 19, 2021

DATE AND TIME: 7/19/21, 9pm PST

RUN: Got my run in today – simple fartleks to start the week. Used the KuttingWeight hoodie – sweated like a damn pig. The pace was fine, but I have a ton of work to do. Noticing that my right knee feels slightly…..weak. I’ll need to focus on a combination of flexibility and yoga sessions to loosen it up a bit. I’m definitely way too tight and my stride is short because of it.

FLEXIBILITY: Started my second training session of the day with 15 minutes of stretching. Flexibility is something that I absolutely suck at. Peloton provides some decent videos on full body stretching that helps…..sort of. LOL

STRENGTH TRAINING: Weekday full body workout. Usually takes about 45 minutes. Start with the traps and work down to the calves. Lower weights, higher reps – looking to strengthen the joints a bit – I feel like the Tin Man.

BIKE: Simple 30 minutes. Used the sauna tank top on this one, as I wanted to break a heavier sweat. Mission friggin’ accomplished. Amps up my metabolism later in the day.

YOGA: Wow. I really suck at this. That…is….all.

MENTAL GAME: I’ve begun to build in to my process 30 minutes of mediation right before crashing for the night. And no – I have no idea where my damn chi is.