Tasting Notes: 2017 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon

Today, I was fortunate enough to enjoy some 2017 Silver Oak cabernet from Napa Valley. Here are some tasting notes – and remember: wine tastes different to everybody (so – as they say – “one man’s bologna is another man’s religion”). This wine – in short – was awesome. Full bodied. Great balance. Pour this stuff into a glass and take a sniff – you’ll immediately pick up dark fruit. The taste is fantastic – full bodied and potent, it dances on your tongue like Fred Astair. I loved everything about this wine….seriously. Everything.

OK, so with that being said, here are some of the specifics I picked up for this wine when I ran it through the tasting grid…

Color and Intensity (How the wine looks): It’s a deeper shade of red. The kind of red that sorta sends the message of “this wine ain’t screwing around…”.

Aroma Characteristics and Intensity (how the wine smells): Somewhat pronounced aromas of dark fruit. Also a hint of tobacco (how the hell they make a wine smell like a cigar is beyond me….but it is awesome).

Palate (How the wine tastes): Scale of 1-10? I score it a damn 9. Awesome from the moment I poured the stuff into a glass. Needs food though – not the kind of wine you wanna shoot down without culinary support. lol.

  • Sweetness (Dry, Medium, Sweet): Medium. It’s not sweet at all. But it sure ain’t dry.
  • Acidity (Low, Medium, High): Medium
  • Tannin (Low, Medium, High): Medium
  • Alcohol (Low, Medium, High): Medium
  • Body (Light, Medium, Full): FULL!
  • Flavors: Dark fruit. Think plums, black cherries.
  • Flavor Intensity (Light, Medium, Intense): Somewhere between medium and high
  • Finish (Short, Medium, Long): Long. This one is like a good Cuban cigar: the taste lingers a while in your mouth. This is one of those wines that you take the time to enjoy. Pace yourself.