January 6, 2023

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to “keep the past promises I’ve made to myself.” Now I know that sounds odd – but I’m the type of person that makes resolutions so damn easily…..and then forgets all about them as my daily dance card gets filled up. First one on my list: crank out my WSET level 2 certification.

What’s the WSET level 2? It’s a certification for wine and spirits. Wine is something that I’ve developed a fascination for over the past few years, as I’ve dived into how much effort (and a little luck from the weather Gods that site high atop the thing) goes in to making fine wine, and how the flavor characteristics express themselves when properly cared for by a vineyard. I’ve taken the on-line courses….and now it’s time to get this one over the finish line.

That’s just the first item on my list of promises to myself I’ve left unkept. Time to get my lazy ass in gear.