January 15, 2023

It was an interesting week. With some time off this week, I decided to focus on so,e things that help put me in a positive mood and make me happy. First off: I took so,e time to walk around Disneyland and take in all of the changes that they are currently making.

The first thing you notice as you enter from the Downtown Disney parking lot is the rapid progress being made on the DVC section of the Disneyland Hotel. This thing looks a bit bigger than the other three sections of the hotel, and they are flying through construction. Now I’m wondering when the points for this one will go up for sale.

Once you enter through the security checkpoint, you’ll notice that the old ESPN Zone is still set up as a pop-up space for pictures, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming into this one on more of a full-time basis. Then, if you look to the right, you’ll notice that they are really working hard on the total gut refurb of the Paradise Pier Hotel. The exterior looks like it will be a brighter white paint with these odd red, yellow and blue stripes along the side of the building. Cannot wait to see how this one turns out….will they build a walkway over Disneyland Drive to give the hotel guests access to Pixar Pier from the hotel itself?

Next to the old ESPN Zone is a Star Wars store…..which used to be a Rainforest Cafe. Yes, I’m serious.

As you continue to walk through Downtown Disney, you’ll notice that they are working on the Monorail area too. Looks like they are altering the name of the whole area to the Downtown Disney District. (Oooohhhh…..fancy….). They are changing the Jazz Kitchen, and have also closed the Art and Home stores for now…. Lots of construction walls all over the place…….

Walls, walls, everywhere….

Quick note on the changes: La Brea Bakery abruptly closed this week. In its place will reside The Earl of Sandwich!

Disneyland always puts me in a positive mood. Quick note: check out the art store in The theme park – it is extremely cool.

One thing I am noticing is that the signs posted within the parks have taken a less “Disney” tone lately. This one is almost like being called a “Treasured Guest…”. (Trust me – not a good thing to be called)

The gallery has this vault in it. In it currently resides a timeline for the Pirates of the Caribbean, using the lines of a tree carving for aging. So cool!!!! Yet another reason to play the Mega Millions….

I crossed over to Disney’s California Adventure, just to continue to get my steps in and raise my spirits. With all the changes they completed here over the past few years, this park may now be in the top three out of the six domestic parks (I rank only EPCOT and Disneyland ahead of it….and EPCOT could be tied with Cali Adventure due to all of the work in THAT park going on as well…)

Grizzly Peak

I really enjoy walking through tree Grizzly Peak area of the park, which leads into the center and the bridge to Pixar Pier.

I think I’m going to begin mailing a postcard to someone each time I visit. Yes, this is a ,ail box inside of the Grizzly Peak section of the park….and yes, it is real

I was able to walk right up to The Lamp Light Lounge and enjoy a cocktail before continuing my walk. #hydration lol

Cars Land never ceases to be impressive. Seriously. It’s incredibly immersive and creative.

Cali Adventure really is full of great references!

Anyone for an $8,000 Iron Man suit? Lol

I also spent a little time enjoying the Ocean and the feeling of peace that comes with the waves crashing along the shoreline….

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