April 17, 2020

In August 14th’s blog posting, I provided a brief overview of y plan for Day 1 of next August’s long distance run from San Francisco to San Diego.  Today, I’ll give you a very brief description of Day 2 and Day 3.

Now remember – this is just a plan.  As that old saying goes, “You wanna make God laugh?  Just tell Him your plans.”  As I learned five years ago, one of the primary things you need to be while trying this type of long distance run is flexible.  Not flexible in a “I can bend like a yogi and touch my palms to the floor without bending at the waist” way; instead, I need to be flexible as it pertains to adjusting the planned running course on a daily basis.

Day 2 of the run will start in Half Moon Bay, and will finish as close to Boulder Creek as I can muster.  Then I’ll pick up right from where I left off the next morning, and Day 3 will finish in Santa Cruz, right near their Pier.

I’m already beginning to train with this effort in mind.  Days 2 and 3 will include some significant elevation – so I’m already working the hills here in Orange County in order to prepare.

I’m psyched for a weekend of long workouts and the resulting endorphins!!




August 14, 2020

So this is Day 1’s route.  It begins at The Walt Disney Museum, in the Presidio of San Francisco, and takes me south through Daly City, to Pacifica.  Then the route continues to Moss Beach and ends at Half Moon Bay.   Day 1 will look a lot like the original one planned out for the 2015 long distance run, with the only changes being some of the twists and turns that will get me through Daly City – I want to ensure that I took the most direct North – South route possible this time around.  I also need to ensure that I cover more mileage over the first few days of this endurance run than I did the last time.  Your legs feel best over the first few days…and then things get progressively tougher as the miles begin to add up.

Prepping for an effort like this will take 15-16 months.  There are tons of things to consider, and the simple act of mapping out the various lefts and rights is a key function.

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