My Basic Strength Workout

A couple of readers emailed me and asked about what I normally do as part of my basic strength workout, so I figured I’d respond by throwing the routine on the blog.  Now let’s face it: I am not a personal trainer, nor am I a fitness professional.  I just do what I feel hits the most important muscle groups for the endurance events for which I am preparing.  So I start by hitting upper body muscle groups, beginning with the shoulders, and then work down to the calves.  I don’t go heavy with weight – I shoot for higher repetitions instead.  Based on everything I’ve read and seen, endurance athletes need to be strong, but they don’t need to be able military press a Jeep.  So here you go – it’s not scientific in design, but it’s part of my overall experiment.  I’ll add things to this workout if I feel like I need to.

4 sets of each exercise:

  • Shoulder shrugs with dumbbells (shoulders)
  • Side dumbbell Raises (shoulders and back)
  • front dumbbell Raises (shoulders and back)
  • Tricep pulldowns on a nautilus machine (trceps and back)
  • Bicep curls with dumbbells (biceps)
  • Bicep curls with curl bar (biceps and back)
  • Dips (triceps, biceps, pecs and back)
  • Lat pulldowns on a nautilus machine (shoulders and back)
  • Seated rows on a nautilus machine (back)
  • Bench press on a nautilus machine (chest and back)
  • Leg extensions on a nautilus machine (quadriceps)
  • Leg curls on a nautilus machine (hamstrings)
  • Inverted squats on a free weight hip sled (quads and hamstrings)
  • Calf raisers on a free weight hip sled (calves)
  • Kettle ball swings (back)
  • Pushups (arms, back, chest)
  • leg lifts (lower core)
  • Plank (bent arm)
  • Plank (elevated)